Okay, what is the age of the oldest Rockette? And what are the height requirements?

While it’s often said that once you’re a Rockette you’re always a Rockette, the oldest active member on record was Jeanette Heller who left the Radio City stage at 64 years old. Jeanette Heller was one of the first Radio City Music Hall Rockettes in the 1930s.

A minimum age of 18 is required to audition for the Rockettes, but there is no maximum age limit. Candidates, when measured in stocking feet must be between 5’6” and 5’10 ½” tall. It is also required that they be proficient in tap and jazz dance.

In recent Rockettes news, Hillary Husband, a 19 year old fighting cancer for the past five years, saw her dream come true. She was able to meet the Rockettes and dance one of their routines with them, even though she was a couple inches short of their height requirement.

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Monday, November 26 2012

Source: http://www.radiocity.com/AuditionTour.html

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