Ncis los angeles actress daniela ruah have a glass eye?

Daniela Ruah, the actress who has played Kensi Blye on CBS show NCIS: Los Angeles since 2009, does not have a glass eye. Ruah has a birthmark (clinically known as a Nevus of Ota) in the iris of her right eye, making the eye color appear black. The natural color of her left eye is hazel.

Birthmarks in the eye are rare, but often very noticeable since the eyes are in such a prominent facial position. Such birthmarks are usually harmless, although discoloration of some body tissues can sometimes indicate an underlying serious condition. The birthmark in Ruah's right eye has no effect on her vision.

Real-life moms of the four main stars of NCIS: Los Angeles were guest stars on the show's October 9, 2012 episode. The foursome portrayed a group of women playing poker in a casino where the NCIS team was chasing down a suspect. Appearing were Katia Korn-Broder, mother of Daniela Ruah; Jeanne Olsen, mom to Eric Christian Olsen (Deeks); Julie O'Donnell, mom of Chris O'Donnell (Callen); and Ondrea Smith, mother of LL Cool J (Sam).

Updated on Thursday, October 25 2012 at 02:10AM EDT