Nancy Grace has recently said her son is very sick. What is wrong with him?

In 2012, Nancy Grace shared that her son John David was sick, however, his illness was reportedly not disclosed to the public. Lack of buzz on the topic may suggest the issue was resolved.

Nancy Grace is married to her husband, David Linch since April 2007. They had twins, John David and Lucy, when Nancy was 48. The HLN host delivered the twins by c-section on Nov. 4, 2007, having suffered a pulmonary edema during pregnancy and developing fluid in her lungs.

Baby John was released from the hospital first, while Grace and bay Lucy a few days later.

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Just In! HLN’s Nancy Grace’s staff of her justice-themed show must wait to learn the fate of their future employment at the network. The Daily Caller has reported that higher-ups are trying to figure out what to do with Grace’s show. Presumably, she’ll stay in some capacity, even if her staff goes.

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