Name 10 vegetables and fruits that are compound words

10 compound word names for fruits and vegetables:

  • • watermelon
  • • blueberry
  • • eggplant
  • • honeydew
  • • grapefruit
  • • pineapple
  • • applesauce
  • • corncob
  • • strawberry
  • • soybean

A compound word is created when two words are put together to create a new word. An easy example is the first one, above: watermelon. Each part of the compound word is a word in itself, "water," and "melon."

The most common types of English compound words are compound nouns (pineapple), compound adjectives (free-range eggs), and compound verbs (waterproof the deck).

There are three forms of English compound words: the closed form (watercress), the hyphenated form (daughter-in-law) and the open form (post office). offers a guide to the world of grammar, punctuation, usage, and fun developments in the English language.