Lug pattern on a 2006 ford f350?

From 2-wheel drive XL to 4-wheel drive Lariat, the 2006 Ford F-350 presented prospective drivers with many decisions to make. There were three engines to choose from, two transmissions and fifty (yes, fifty) trim packages. There was, however, one part of the F-350 that could not be factory customized. Every 2006 Ford F-350 shared a bolt pattern of 8x170, 12x1.50 lugs, 125 center bore and an offset of 00-22mm.

Aftermarket tire sizes that meet the requirements of proper fitment include: 265/70-17, 275/65-18, 275/65-20, 305/45-22, 305/35-24 & 305/30-26. Proper tire fitment means that even though it may not be the factory tire size, they should be just fine to use as aftermarket replacements.

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