Is there really a place in northern georgia called "haunted hollow "

You might have encountered "Haunted Hollow" in The Discovery Channel's "A Haunting", in an episode called "A Haunting in Georgia."

"A Haunting in Georgia" tells the account of a young girl, Heidi Wyrick, who had a supernatural playmate for many years. Her family moved into a house that's supposed to be haunted by a Mr. Gordy, an elderly gentlemen who befriended the family that lived in the house before them.

Heidi's grandmother grew up in the location in Gainsville, Georgia, known as "Haunted Hollow". For generations, people lived in the region they called 'Hainted Holler' and for many years, strange and unusual phenomenon had been reported in the area.

While the place is well perceived as fictional as most people deny of hearing such an area, Blogger user, The Doctor, claimed to knowing the place ‘Hainted Holler’ very well as much of his family are from there, citing that it’s situated between Cave Spring and Cedartown, GA and beyond to Chattoogaville.

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