Is there anyway I can get a free ged or diploma online and still join the military or get into college

The GED or General Educational Development exam cannot be taken online. The GED Testing Service of the American Council on Education requires the exam to be taken in person. There are testing facilities throughout the country. Click here to find one near you.

The cost of taking the GED exam will vary depending on state and testing center. State fees range from $0-$80. The facility administering the exam will also charge a fee. The total exam cost is estimated between $100 and $150.

95% of colleges and universities recognize a GED certification as equivalent to a high school diploma. SAT and ACT exams can be scheduled as soon as you pass the GED. 96% of employers also recognize GED certification as equivalent to a diploma.

The US military accepts GED applicants, but the numbers allowed are very low. If GED certification has been accomplished as well as 15 college credit hours, the military will review an applicant as if they had a traditional high school diploma.

The GED program began in 1942 to help returning military personnel complete their high school education.