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Stoolbend is a fictional town, portrayed as being located in Virginia. It is the town where Cleveland Brown, from Family Guy moved to in the spin-off The Cleveland Show that aired on September 27, 2009.

Mike Henry describes Stoolbend, the primary setting of The Cleveland Show, as “a town that's lush with a river running through it,” noting that a lot of the businesses are housed “in old colonial buildings that have been refurbished.” To him, there's no doubt: “Stoolbend is Richmond.”

Using photographs and video of the city taken by Henry's brother as reference material, Richmond was forged in animated form. While no settings are directly lifted from real life, local cues are strewn about the series: Stoolbend's town square “has the feel of Shockoe Slip.” The Brown family goes tubing down a river inspired by the Pony Pasture rapids. And one of Cleveland's neighbors lives in a house similar to one that Henry's mother occupied on Libbie Avenue.

Stoolbend's moniker, however, doesn't come from an inside joke for Richmond residents. “It's just a fictitious name that we gave it based on a friend of mine going to the bathroom off a fishing boat,” Henry says.

Generally speaking, The Cleveland Show doesn’t get much respect. While Family Guy and American Dad have strong followings, Seth MacFarlane’s third show has often been the odd-man out, which is why it was canceled in 2013, after four seasons on the air.

But with re-runs airing on Adult Swim on a nightly basis, there’s ample opportunity to re-introduce yourself to this sadly underrated show.

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