Is the the movie insidious based on a true story?

Insidious (2010) starring Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, and Ty Simpkins is not entirely based on a true story. The film’s screenwriter Leigh Whannell confessed in an interview that many of the big scare scenes depicted were taken from real life.

The scene with Rose in the middle of the night where she sees an unwanted guest in her bedroom was taken from a story that a friend told him. The idea for the scene where Barbara Hershey talks about a dream she had came from a story the film’s director, James Wan, told Whannell about his grandmother.

Leigh’s latest project is acting in the thriller Crush, which is about a secret admirer’s obsession with a star high school athlete that turns deadly. The film is scheduled for release in theaters sometime during 2012.

James’ latest project is as director of horror-thriller The Warren Files, which is about a family and their experiences with spirits in a New England farmhouse. The film has a tentative 2013 theatrical release date.