Is the show Hardcore Pawn fake

Critics of TruTV’s Hardcore Pawn reality show about Detroit-based American Jewelry and Family Loan claim that portions are staged. A few say they have actually visited the pawn shop while filming and witnessed actors wearing microphones as they played the part of pawn shop customers.

In interviews, owner Leslie “Les” Gold has denied allegations that Hardcore Pawn is fake, saying that the series features a “wide range of real people who need money” and does not include any “staged antics, products or characters.” He has further explained that, “Every item has a story. And some of these stories are incredible, whether you believe them or not.”

The 6th season of Hardcore Pawn premiered on July 12, 2012. The series’ spin-off Combat Pawn, which features the gun shop Guns Plus, along with its customers and employees debuted on TruTV on July 15, 2012.

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