Is the new orleans rapper chyna white dead?if so,what happened?

Chyna Whyte is still alive. Find out what she's been doing lately by checking her social media pages below:

Twitter - @chynawhyte
Facebook - chynawhyte

Chyna Whyte, a rhyme poet, best known for her power-packed performance on Lil Jon & the Eastside Boys classic club banger and Billboard charted song Bia Bia, started rapping as a child.

Born Stephanie Christine Lewis in New Orleans, La., she signed her first recording contract with BME Records in 1999 and in 2001 signed a distribution deal with TVT Records.

She retired from the industry, re-invented her image and her life and has stepped into one of her calls, entrepreneurship. She started WhyteHowse Entertainment, LLC in 2006.

You can stay updated by visiting her official website at

Learn how to rap and freestyle with's ten-step technique.

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Tuesday, March 21 2017