is Suzie Stenberg the mother of Jeremy Stenberg's daughter Katrina?

No, when Jeremy and Susie got married in 2006 he already has a daughter named Katrina from a previous girlfriend.

The couple have a daughter together named Savy Monroe. As per Daily Mail, she recently celebrated her seventh birthday but she has already done more than some aspiring models might hope to achieve in their entire career.

The Californian, whose full name is Savy Monroe Stenberg, has already starred in a music video for Sia, watched by hundreds of millions online, and featured in campaigns for major fashion brand H&M.

In the 18 months that she has been working professionally, Savy has also modeled for Lucky Brand Jeans, Lands' End, Mini Boden, Peek Kids and Maddie Ziegler's brand Maddie Style.

Susie currently works as a manager to Savy and her husband Jeremy, who is a professional dirt bike rider.

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