Is rich pyle who is a salesman on hardcore pawn married & have kids?

Yes. Rich Pyle has a wife, a son and a daughter.

Pyle, a Woodhaven resident, was featured on truTV’s reality series “Hardcore Pawn,” which follows the daily goings-on at American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit. He worked at the shop for 25 years and was a manager before being fired.

He’s now part of “Meltdown,” a show on the National Geographic Channel that follows him and two other urban treasure hunters searching for precious metals in unlikely places, hoping to turn junk into gold.

A drummer for more than two decades, Pyle is keeping busy on the musical front, as well.

He plays drums with the band SuperLast, performing around the Detroit area with acts such as Kid Rock, The Beastie Boys, Ted Nugent and Clutch.

SuperLast features lead vocalist Mike Azuri; Pyle on drums; John “Johnny Q” Quiroz on guitar and backing vocals; Tim Reamer on guitar, keyboards and mandolin; and Tim Downs on bass.

Pyle also has a clothing company called "RPM Gear" with Darren Hamilton, owner of Detroit Muscle.

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