is mineral oil the same as sweet oil

No, mineral oil came from petroleum distillation while sweet oil is more commonly known as olive oil. A good example of mineral oil is baby oil.

Mineral oil is an over-the-counter medication for gastrointestinal problems. Only use mineral oil as a laxative when recommended by a health care professional. Sweet oil for medicinal purposes is usually not been purified.

Olive oil is available as extra virgin olive oil, which is obtained from the first cold press squeezing of the olives, and virgin olive oil, which is obtained from the subsequent squeezing of the olives and is usually heated to extract the remaining oil.

One common use is for earache. Sweet oil softens wax and lubricates the ear without causing a heavy residue. It is also useful in swimmer's ear to help remove excess water from the ear.

Oils come from many different plants and from fish. Oils are not a food group, but they provide essential nutrients. Therefore, oils are included in USDA food patterns. Learn more about oils at