Is Mike Rowe Gay?

Mike Rowe (born Michael Gregory Rowe on March 18, 1962 in Baltimore, Maryland) is not gay, he has a longtime girlfriend, with whom he lives in San Francisco California.

Best known for his signature series Dirty Jobs, he actually started the show in 2003 with a 3 episode series of pilot episodes.

July 26, 2005 began the current 8 season run of Dirty Jobs, with the Season 8 finale airing on Feb 21, 2012 for a total of more than 160 shows!

In an interview from 2007 Rowe admitted that about a quarter of the jobs he's profiled, he would never do again.

If you can't get enough Rowe, you can still catch new episodes of After the Catch: July 10 and July 17 at 10:00pm on the Discovery Channel.

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Tuesday, July 10 2012