Is michael mcdonald the comedian gay or married

Put the rolls in a warm place to rise.Actor, writer, producer, comedian Michael McDonald (born Michael James McDonald on December 31, 1964 in Fullerton, California), best known for his work on MADtv, is not married.

While many people speculate he is gay because of his effeminate mannerisms, he has never publicly discussed his sexuality, and is quoted as saying that he doesn't mind if people think that he is gay.

He is currently serving as director, and a producer of ABC's Cougar Town, as well as appearing as the character Wayne Gibbons twice (once in the episode entitled Baby's a Rock 'N' Roller, on April 20, 2011, and once on the episode called A Thing About You, on January 19, 2011).

Some people confuse him with Michael McDonald the singer (Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers...), but they are two different people.

Monday, March 26 2012