Is it good luck to move in the rain

Superstitious belief says two different things about moving on a rainy day. Some claim that moving on a rainy day may be a sign of bad luck or means great unhappiness, while some believe that rain is a very excellent sign!

Water means money in Feng Shui. Rain symbolizes a blessing and a good sign of prosperity. According to the belief, a rainbow is the resplendent sign of rain, which signifies the unity of yin and yang.

Here are some other moving superstitions, provided by

  • Never accept knives, scissors, or other sharp items as presents.
  • The first time you leave your home, exit through the same door you entered.
  • Carry a full container of uncooked rice with you the first time you enter your new home.
  • Spread a pinch of salt on the floor of every room, including over the threshold of the front door.
  • The number of steps in a staircase should never be a multiple of three.

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