Is Heifer International a scam?

Heifer International is a real non-profit organization that meets all of the standards for charity accountability, according to the Better Business Bureau. They have given gifts of cattle, sheep, rabbits, honeybees, pigs, llamas, water buffalo, chicks, ducks, goats, geese, as well as tree seedlings, to 79 million people in more than 125 countries. They aim to end poverty and hunger in a way that is sustainable and responsible.

Critics worry about the trend of exporting western agriculture to developing countries. They claim that Heifer International often sends animals to countries where welfare standards are nonexistent and domesticated animals suffer in environments that can't support their well-being.

Heifer International's 2012 "Most Important Gift Catalog in the World" is hot off the press, reminding people that the holiday season is fast approaching.

Saturday, October 20 2012


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