Is green bay packer football player aj hawk the son of former professional wrestler Hawk from the road warriors?

No. A.J. Hawk's father is Keith Hawk, a senior vice president of sales at LexisNexis.

Also an author and motivational speaker, Keith graduated from Ohio University in 1977 with a degree in communications. The older Hawk said he always had aspirations of becoming a radio DJ and was on air at the local radio station.

Following college, he spent seven years with AT&T and Ohio Bell as a sales professional and a member of the AT&T’s “Top Gun” sales training program. He said it was during that time, while traveling around and speaking to high-level professionals, he developed a knack for public speaking.

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Meanwhile, Road Warrior Hawk, whose real name was Michael Hegstrand, sadly passed away on October 19, 2003. He was married to Dale Watts and Judy Pendzimas.

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Of interest, watch as A.J. Hawk crushes a fan on golf course with massive tackle from the video below:

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