Is george jung still alive, what is the address to the federal prison in which he is located and has his daughter ever come to visit him?

George Jung is alive and is incarcerated at a low security Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Fort Dix, New Jersey. He is serving a 15 year sentence for conspiracy and drug smuggling, and is scheduled to be released on November 27, 2014.

Letters may be sent to Jung at the following address: George Jung #19225-004, FCI Fort Dix Federal Correction Institution, P.O. BOX 2000, Fort Dix, NJ 08640.

It is not known if Kristina Jung has ever visited her father in prison. There have been rumors that she visited him in 2002, after the release of Blow, but those rumors remain unconfirmed. Kristina did appear in a deleted scene in the movie as a bank teller. The deleted scene is available on the DVD version.