Is anyone on hardcore pawn married?

The married cast members of TruTV’s “Hardcore Pawn” are Ashley Broad, Seth Gold, Lili Gold and Les Gold. Lili and Les are married to each other. Seth is also married, he dated his wife while attending the University of Michigan. Ashley has a husband and two children. Brian, the jewelry department manager has a daughter, but there is no mention of a wife.

“Hardcore Pawn” debuted on TruTV on August 16, 2010 with only eight episodes in the first season. Returning in December of the same year to start season 2, they still only made eight episodes. The good news for fans of the show was that season 3 began airing one week after season 2 ended adding 13 more episodes.

With barely a few weeks between seasons, season 4 consisted of 13 more episodes. Season 5 aired 26 episodes and season 6 is scheduled to premiere July 10, 2012.

The series follows the family run American Jewelry & Loan pawn shop at 20450 Greenfield Road, Detroit, MI (313) 345-4000.

Tuesday, June 26 2012