Is a spread nadder snake poison

Not Medical Advice: As per, eastern hognoses' (also known as spreading adder) bite is mildly venomous, capable of sedating small prey, such as toads.

The Eastern hognose snake is not known for biting humans even when they feel threatened. The characteristic upturned snout of this snake is used to dig in soil.

This variety of snake may look threatening and if they feel cornered they will hiss and spread out their neck imitating poisonous cobras; however, if this display does not scare off a predator the snake rolls over and pretends to be dead in hopes of driving away the predator.

The vast majority of encounters between people and snakes are with non-venomous, harmless snakes. It is critical that you understand that snakes aren't "aggressive" and don't hunt or chase people, but they can strike without coiling first.

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