in what order did lucy ricardo ricky.ethel and fred die

I Love Lucy Stars' order of passing: William Frawley (born William Clement Frawley on 2/26/1887 in Burlington, Iowa) who played Fred passed away on 3/3/1966. Vivian Vance (born Vivian Roberta Jones on 7/26/1909 in Cherryvale, Kansas) who played Ethel died on 8/17/1979. Desi Arnaz (born Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y De Acha III on 3/2/1917 in Santiago, Cuba) who played Ricky passed away on 12/2/1986. Lucille Ball (born Lucille Desiree Ball on 8/6/1911 in Jamestown, New York) who played Lucy died on 4/26/1989.

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Thursday, February 02 2012

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