In the movie true grit they were cooking sofky over a fire what is sofky

Here are some definitions of Sofky:

Sofky is a Creek stew made of hominy that apparently works just as well for an outlaw’s breakfast as his supper, and can be shared among friends or unexpected visitors.
Sofky is a soup/stew made of hominy, cornmeal and bits of meat (venison, rattlesnake; usually rabbit).
Sofky is what the Creeks called the corn-based food that eventually evolved into what the Southerners now affectionately refer to as grits.
The correct word for hominy (the basic corn dish for all of the Five Tribes) among the Creeks and Seminoles is osafki, found usually written and pronounced simply sofky.

Sofky a Creek and Seminole Dish:

Shell good, clean and dried flint corn from the cob, enough to have a peck or more of the shelled grain to prepare sofky for several meals.
Cover the shell corn with cool water, and soak overnight.
Pound the soaked corn, or a portion, lightly in a wooden mortar enough to break the grains in half.
Place the pounded corn in a fanner, and clean out the hulls.
Put the clean, broken grain into a large vessel, cover with water and boil until thoroughly done.
Add water if necessary from time to time to keep the hominy in a loose fluid.
When it is cooked thoroughly, add ash-lye solution in the proportion of a cupful to a gallon of the boiling hominy, stirring it regularly for it will scorch easily.
Boil the hominy with the ash-lye solution for at least another half hour, and then pour it into a stone jar to keep and serve.

Not long after the Coen brothers’ True Grit arrived in theaters, College Humor rolled out a minute-long video that phonetically subtitled some of Jeff Bridges’s lines. The joke was inevitable; as the drawling, often drunk marshal Rooster Cogburn, a role that earned him an Oscar nomination, Bridges speaks a dialect that’s almost, but not quite, entirely unlike English.

Then again, True Grit’s dialogue, much of it drawn from Charles Portis’s 1968 novel, is a language all its own, a combination of vintage slang, frontier terms and the odd bit of Latin that can seem opaque even with accurate closed captioning. Here’s a short vocabulary guide to the movie True Grit shared by