In the movie tombstone does johnny ringo call doc holiday lunger or longer?

Johnny Ringo calls Doc Holliday a “lunger” in the film Tombstone. "Lunger" was a slang term used during that era, to describe someone suffering from tuberculosis.

Tombstone is a Western made in 1993 that starred Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Bill Paxton, and Dana Delany. The movie was narrated by Robert Mitchum. Tombstone depicts many outlaws and lawmen of the old American West, such as Wyatt Earp, Johnny Ringo, William Brocius, and Doc Holliday.

The real Doc Holliday was a gunfighter, gambler, and dentist of the American Old West, who is usually remembered for his involvement in the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. He was diagnosed with tuberculosis at a young age and moved west because of the belief that dry air would ease his symptoms. He died November 8, 1887 at the age of 36.

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