In final fantasy 12,where in the westersand is the dynasty cactoid that has part of the weathervane located?

It's located at the Windtrace Dunes in Dalmasca Westersand.

In Final Fantasy XII, Cotze will ask you to seek out Northon in Lowtown's Northsprawl. After speaking to Northon, you need to head to the secluded section of the Windtrace Dunes in Dalmasca Westersand. (The area can be accessed by taking the northwest exit from Shimmering Horizons.)

There, examine the Dynast-Cactoid on the lower-left section of the area to find a "Wind Globe".

Return to the West Gate and speak to Rimzat, Cotze or Northon to get a "Windvane". Now go to the Wyrm's Nest area in Dalmasca Westersand to face Earth Tyrant.

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