In bo2 zombies tranzit, what does the tombstone perk do?

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombie Tranzit the Tombstone Perk allows you to drop a “tombstone” at the place you died. When you re-spawn or are revived by another player, you’ll have a short time to go back to grab your tombstone. Upon grabbing it, you’ll get back the weapons and perks (except the tombstone perk) that you had before you died.

The tombstone can be found on the “Green Run” Tranzit map, which is the fourth stop on the bus. The tombstone perk can be purchased for 2000 points.

In recent Black Ops 2 news, game developer, Treyarch, has confirmed that the Black Ops 2 development team is working on a fix for the leaderboard reset issue and it will be released soon.