If you sent mail on a friday, how long will take to get to California from Minnesota

USPS mail is subject to delays such as weather and high volume. Because of these variables, the United States Postal Service estimates Standard Mail to reach its destination in two to nine days. Unaffiliated sources claim mail from Minnesota to California will take two to seven days. First-Class Mail should make its journey in two to three days. Military mail sent internationally should be delivered in seven to ten days.

Congress established a national postal service in the 1790s. There were modifications and allocations made for the next few decades to meet the expectations of citizens. In 1836, the cost to send a letter was based on how far it was traveling. The highest rate was 25 cents for letters traveling over 400 miles. That would cost over $6.00 in today’s money. By comparison, mailing that same letter today would cost 2 cents in 1836 money.

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Saturday, April 21 2012
Source: http://faq.usps.com/eCustomer/iq/usps/