If you have a memory foam mattress do you still need to flip it over for support or shape

Memory foam was designed in the mid-1960s especially for NASA airplane seats and is made from viscoelastic. The material molds in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributes body weight, and keeps sleepers from being bothered by a partner’s movements at night. Once you remove pressure it returns to its original shape. Memory foam mattresses are fabricated specifically to avoid the need to be turned, flipped, or rotated. Some owners flip to combat to softening and sagging and turn head to foot to increase longevity.

Memory foam mattresses retain body heat and can be uncomfortable in warm weather. An annoying chemical smell can be remedied by airing out the product for 24 hours before putting on sheets.

Serta’s new iSeries mattresses have MicroSupport gel infused into premium foam. The new product claims to provide up to two times more support and up to seven times more cooling comfort than ordinary memory foam.

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