If you get a syringe needle broken off im one of your veins can you die?

Not Medical Advice: What we found is that a syringe needle left in your vein can be life threatening if left untreated, as it may lead to infection. Signs may include redness, swelling and pain.

According to an expert, due to body's protective mechanism, skin or muscle get contraction and it protect the body from broken needle. If any needle break, then they do not enter in the vein usually and they will get stuck under the skin , even if they break in the vein there is nothing to do surgically.

Due to vein's internal layer (endothelium), it is not possible that needle could move inside without pain. In case, it is getting infected and need to be removed. Very rarely they will move from the vein toward the heart and it is impossible to move into brain due to size of vein and circulatory system.

As per World Health Organization, if a needle breaks, the patient should be told to keep calm and not to move, so as to prevent the broken part of the needle from going deeper into the tissues.

If a part of the broken needle is still above the skin or at the same level as the skin, the medical professional will remove it with forceps. If it is completely under the skin, they usually ask the patient to resume his/her previous position and the end of the needle shaft will often be exposed.

If everything is unsuccessful, the patient will undergo surgical intervention.

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