If u have one number right on lottery how much do you win?

In most of the lotteries in the United States and the world, you do not win any prize for getting only 1 number right. However, in Powerball drawings you win $4 for getting only the Powerball right. For 1 number plus the Powerball, you win $4 as well.

In Mega Millions drawings, you win $2 for getting only the Mega Ball right. If you have 1 number plus the Mega Ball, you win $3. State lotteries rarely pay any money for only 1 correct number being chosen, even in 3 and 4 digit drawings.

Right now, no state lotteries paying for 1 number could be found in the USA, but it's possible it may occur in the future. This does not apply to scratch-off lottery tickets or any lotteries not sanctioned by state governments or the federal government.