How well does drinkin Vinegar flush thc out of your system

Not Medical Advice: Of the at-home cleansing procedures, consuming vinegar is often one of the most talked about. Experts agree that vinegar does help in digestion and detoxification, though these benefits occur over an extended period of time.

While vinegar is not an effective way of getting weed out of your system fast, including it as part of a longer-term cleansing routine may enhance the overall rate at which the toxins are expelled. The acidic property of vinegar affects metabolism, resulting in an increased capability to break down foods, and includes the purification process of fats that occurs in the kidneys and the liver.

The reason behind vinegar not displaying on a urine drug test is that it is a bleaching agent, which helps mask the presence of other substances in urine. Though, experts know what substances to look out for while testing you, which is why you cannot mask any particles in your body effectively. The purpose of vinegar is for detoxification rather than a temporary veil.

An effective option of flushing THC out of your system would be to stop taking the drug completely, and allow your body to detoxify by itself. A high intake of liquids, particularly those rich in vitamin C help to a large extent. They help by flushing out the body, in turn quickly increasing the speed of detoxification.

In vinegar buzz, a potent weapon against a dangerous class of bacteria may be as close as the kitchen cupboard, new research suggests. Scientists say common vinegar may be an inexpensive, non-toxic and effective way to kill increasingly drug-resistant mycobacteria -- including the germ that causes tuberculosis. Learn more at WebMD.