How was Nancy Graces fiance murdered?

In 1979, 23 year old Keith Griffin was shot by a co-worker in Georgia.

Keith was the fiancé of CNN/Court TV Commentator Nancy Grace while they were college students. He was working part-time for Ingram Construction Company at Georgia Kraft Plywood Co. outside Madison, Ga.

Their engagement was a sweetly adored secret that only Keith's sister, Judy, knew about. The wedding was a few months away.

Then, one August morning, a stranger--a 24-year-old thug with a history of being on the wrong side of the law--accosted Griffin outside a convenience store. He shot him five times in the head and back, stole $35 from his wallet, and left him dead.

As a result of the event, Grace began a life in the field to criminal justice.

As per, it took her almost 30 years after Keith’s death to allow herself to be happy again and to marry.

Grace married Atlanta investment banker David Linch in 2007, and gave birth to twins, Lucy and John, later that year.

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Monday, February 13 2017

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