How old is DJ Radio Rich Dalton from the radio station KSHE in St. Louis MO?

While we found no specific information on how old Rich Dalton is as he does not list his birth date in his biography, he was a college student at St Louis University in 1969, so if we estimate his age, he's probably between 64 to 68 years old, or mid to late sixties.

"Radio" Rich Dalton has been part of all the great St. Louis classic rock radio stations for the last four decades. He started his radio career at KADI in 1971, then worked at KWK in the early 80s before joining KSHE in 1983.

While at KSHE in the 1980s, he hosted the Sunday morning KSHE Klassic program. In 2013, he started working on running KSHE's HD radio operation (KSHE2).

Recently, it was reported that Rich Dalton is no longer with Emmis Communications St. Louis.

Rick Balis, KSHE Program Director, explains that in the current economic environment, they simply cannot direct resources to HD side-channels like “KSHE2… Classic KSHE”. Rich’s primary responsibilities were to head up KSHE2.

Balis thinks it is safe to say that no other broadcast group in the country has ever had or has a position like Rich had. It would have been great if it worked out for the long haul, but unfortunately it became cost prohibitive.

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