How often do red moon eclipses occur?

It is during the Total Lunar Eclipse that the moon is often visible as a copper-red orb in the night sky. A Total Lunar Eclipse can be viewed at night and during Full Moon when:

  • The Moon is close to one of its orbital nodes so the Sun, Earth and Moon form a straight line
  • The observer is positioned on the night side of Earth

The term, Blood Moon has lately become popular while denoting the total lunar eclipses of the tetrad that will happen in 2014 and 2015. This term has no astronomical or technical basis and it is unclear where such a description comes from. One theory concerning why these eclipses are being named Blood Moon eclipses comes from the fact that the full Moon can occasionally appear bright coppery red during a total lunar eclipse.

You can check the Total Lunar Eclipse Tetrads from 2001 to 2100 here.

The “blood moon” lunar eclipse that occurred recently continues to grab the world’s attention. Hundreds of headlines appeared even three days after the eclipse, including “Apocalypse now?” in The Washington Post. Read more at

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