How much would the monthly payment be on a $13,000 loan with a 10% apr paid off in 60 months?

Not Financial Advice: Using a loan repayment calculator, monthly repayment of the loan amount $13,000.00 payable in 60 months (5 years) is $276.21, total interest is $3,572.69 (total payable is $16,572.69).

From Huntington News , national data show interest rates on mortgages have interrupted their upward trend. Contract mortgage interest rates decreased 0.04 percent from September to October, according to an index of new mortgage contracts released Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2013 by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FIFA). Find out more here.

In loan news, the federal government has made enough money on student loans over the last year that, if it wanted, it could provide maximum-level Pell Grants of $5,645 to 7.3 million college students. Find out more at USA TODAY.