How much snow are we supposed to get today and tomorow in manchester nj

No report of solid/frozen precipitation today in Manchester, NJ.

Get the latest forecast for weather in Manchester Township NJ along with updates about temperature, humidity, weather radar and more at Weather Underground.

According to the National Weather Service, to measure snow, at the beginning of each snowfall/freezing season, remove the funnel and inner measuring tube of the eight-inch manual rain gauge to expose the 8-inch diameter overflow can so that it can more accurately catch frozen precipitation.

Put your snowboard(s) out and mark their location with a flag or some other indicator so they can be found after a new snowfall. They should be located in the vicinity of your station in an open location.

Observers should determine three values when reporting solid precipitation. They are:

Snowfall: Measure and record the snowfall (snow, ice pellets ) since the previous snowfall observation (24 hours).

Snow Depth: Determine the depth of the new and old snow remaining on the ground at observation time.

Water Equivalent of Snow: Water equivalent of melted snow collected in the gauge since the last observation.

Check out Safe Snow Shoveling Tips recommended by the National Safety Council.

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