How much pineapple do I have to eat to make my vagina taste and smell better?

Not Medical Advice: The taste down south varies from person to person, however some people believe that pineapple or anything citrus can help. You can chow down on a dish of pineapple or drink a glass of orange juice 6-8 hours before sexual activity, or better yet add more citrus to your diet. The taste and smell will likely be sweeter than the usual. Avoid some foods that can change your taste to slightly more bitter which include garlic, cream, asparagus, etc.

Pineapple is beneficial, it contains the Bromelain Protelytic enzyme that assists in digestion of protein and prevents formation of blood clots; it also helps treat arthritis, inflammatory, high blood pressure, constipation, boils, removes dead skin cells and skin inflammation.

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Pineapple Express Cover Experiment 2

Updated on Monday, May 27 2013 at 11:11AM EDT
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