How much money would it cost to put hardwood floors in 1500 square feet

The cost of flooring can be quite confusing, and advertised prices misleading since they don't include all the costs involved.

Additionally, there are different methods of installation required depending on what type of floor currently exists; stapled or nailed hardwood floors are the least expensive, while floating or glued direct are the most costly.

With that information in mind, here are some typical final costs of installation:

Stapled or nailed flooring may cost around $3.89 per square foot for the original flooring, but when labor and molding are included the final cost is around $9.28 per square foot, making a 1,500 square foot room cost about $13,920.

For floating, or glued direct the final cost is around $10.53 per square foot making the entire room cost about $15,795., as you might imagine, offers some great tips on hardwood floors and provides information you should know before doing any buying.

In the news, DigitalJournal is reporting that a great way to save money if you are thinking of replacing old hardwood floors is to have them refinished rather than replaced!

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