how much money does the NFL make every year total

Revenue in the NFL reached an estimated $9.5 billion in 2011-12. That is up $500 million (5.6%) from the year before, and $1.8 billion (23.4%) more than Major League Baseball ($7.7 billion). In recent seasons, the NFL has generated more than $6 billion a year in revenue. In 2007, the NFL's 32 teams were worth an average of $957 million each; five franchises: Dallas, Washington, New England, Houston and Philadelphia were valued at more than $1 billion each, as estimated by Forbes magazine.

National Revenues include common revenues from international TV, national TV and radio, enterprises and films, NFL properties and the Visiting Team Share (VTS) of ticket revenues. See NFL revenues and player cost from 1989-2009 here.

Sadly, NFL Hall Of Famer, Art Donovan passed away recently of a respiratory ailment at the age of 89. The NFL funny man played in the 1958 championship game between the Colts and New York Giants. Of interest, the winner's share was $4,700. The most Donovan ever earned in one season was $22,000, but Baltimore’s defensive tackle got a million dollars' worth of memories.

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Wednesday, August 07 2013


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