How much money does each contestant make a week for being on survivor

The only cash prize value disclosed going into a cycle is the million-dollar cash prize for the Survivor winner. CBS states that other contestants "might" receive cash prizes, however the network does not disclose the amounts to applicants.

The lowest known cash prize is $2,500 for the first contestant eliminated in a cycle, though Survivor may award lower amounts and simply not disclose it.

As reported by, the runner-up gets $100,000 and the person who comes in third receives $85,000.

Tony Vlachos' victory wasn't the only big reveal on the"Survivor: Cagayan" finale -- host Jeff Probst also revealed the location and theme for next season. The 29th installment of the CBS competition series will be "Survivor: San Juan del Sur - Blood vs. Water." Read more at CBS News.

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