How much money do you win if you get three out of five numbers in mega millions from last nights drawing in pa without having the mega ball number

If you match 3 of the 5 regular numbers in the Mega Millions drawing, without the Mega Ball, you win $7. This applies to any Mega Millions drawing on any date.
If you match 2 regular numbers and the Mega Ball, you get $10.
If you match 3 of the first 5 numbers plus the Mega Ball, you win $150.
Lower prizes are $2 for only matching the Mega Ball itself, and $3 for 1 number plus the Mega Ball.
Higher non-jackpot prizes are: $150 for 4 numbers with no Mega Ball, $10,000 for 4 numbers plus the Mega Ball, and $250,000 for 5 numbers with no Mega Ball.

These non-jackpot prizes are fixed at this amount in all states but California, where they may vary based on the prize pool. Also, in most states you can pay an extra $1 for the Megaplier feature, which multiplies any non-jackpot prize by a randomly drawn number from 1 to 4.

You can check the winning numbers at "". 23 US States began selling Mega Millions tickets for the first time on January 31, 2010, while 7 other states began having Mega Millions drawings earlier in 2010.

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Tuesday, April 10 2012