how much is the fine in utah for driving with expired licence plates

Not legal advice: Expired registration tags on Utah license plates carry a fine of $40. Current registration tags on the wrong vehicle and a new owner’s failure to register a vehicle have a fine of $100. Failure to obtain registration will cost you $1,000 with a possible $800 compliance credit.

Once you’ve been given a ticket register your vehicle and apply the tags to your license plates. Appear at your assigned court house on the date you’ve been summoned and present proof of registration purchase to the judge. You may be able to get your fine waived.

Utahans have been complaining about getting tickets for expired plates or illegal plates even though their registration is current. The reason for all of these tickets is that the ink on new registration stickers is washing off or quickly fading away after application to license plates. The justice court has been ordered to throw out any citations disputed with a faded sticker.

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