How much is the electric bill a month for the new Dallas cowboys stadium in Arlington Texas?

The monthly electricity bill for the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX is approximately $200,000. Most of the electricity usage comes from the air conditioning alone, as well as the lighting, jumbo tron, and equipment.

Because the 2011 Superbowl 45 was in the winter, the air conditioning wasn't used, so the electricity bill for that night alone was only around $8,000. If held during the summer months, the Superbowl could have cost $20,000 just for that one game.

The Dallas Cowboys stadium normally seats 80,000 people, but during major events it can seat 100,000.

In Cowboys news, former head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers, Derek Dooley, is scheduled to be hired by the Dallas Cowboys as the wide receiver coach, according to ESPN. He will be taking over Jimmy Robinson's position.