How much is the average rent for an apartment in the bronx, ny?

Price varies from the low end in the South Bronx to the high end in affluent spaces such as Riverdale. The average rental price for properties in the Bronx is $1,207 ($1.27 per square foot).

Here are the average price of Bronx rental properties according to the number of bedrooms from the data gathered by Trovit Homes:

  • 1 bedroom - $1,170
  • 2 bedrooms - $1,458
  • 3 bedrooms - $1,770
  • 4 bedrooms - $2,139
  • 5 bedrooms - $2,431

Average price per square foot of the properties in the Bronx according to the number of rooms range from $ 1.18/sq ft to $1.86 /sq ft.

Find apartments for rent in the Bronx by visiting the following sites:

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