How much is the average bill for two people at outback restaurant?

You can expect to spend between $50-80 on the average restaurant bill for dinner for two at most Outback Steakhouse locations, with appetizer, entree, drink, tip, and tax. Prices will vary depending on location, as well as the type and number of menu items ordered.

For example: If one diner were to order a Bloomin' Onion as an appetizer ($6.99 on average) and the Alice Springs Chicken ($14.49, served with Aussie Fries) as their entree, and the other diner ordered Spinach Artichoke Dip ($7.99) and the 9 oz. Outback Special sirloin ($13.99) - that's a total of $43.46, and doesn't include the price of drinks, tip, or tax, so dinner for two in this example would add up to a bare minimum of around $50-60.

The cost would increase if one or both diners added a side salad (average $2.99-$3.99), soup or separate side items ($2.99), any add-ons (sauteed mushrooms, blue cheese crumb crust, etc.), dessert ($4.49 to $8.79) - and would of course be more if either or both diners had an alcoholic beverage with their meal.

All of Outback's "Signature Steak" items are served with one side item and the diner's choice of a cup of soup or a side salad.

If two diners shared an appetizer or did without appetizers, had no extras or desserts or alcoholic drinks, and had only entrees and non-alcoholic drinks (and especially if, for instance, both diners had one of the "smaller" entrees such as the 6 oz. Outback Special sirloin at $9.99 each), one could enjoy dinner for two at Outback for around $30-35 including tip and tax - but most Outback patrons can't resist having at least one of the restaurant's famous appetizers. (Outback's legendary warm brown bread and butter, however, comes free with your meal!)

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Friday, March 23 2012