How much is scrap copper worth per pound in california?

Scrap metal prices change on a constant basis, but at the moment scrap copper is being bought for $3.59/pound in California.

Copper beats out Aluminum by a long shot, its currently going for $0.92/pound, and zinc is only $0.93/pound. The big winner in scrap metal right now is nickel which is being bought at $7.72/pound.

Copper is a mineral that is found in Earth’s crust which has high thermal and electrical conduction properties.

Pure copper is soft and malleable and a newly exposed surface has an almost pink or peachy tint. Copper is very commonly used as an electrical conductor, thermal conductor, and as part of various alloys.

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In "our tax dollars at work" news, ABC News is reporting that the The U.S. has destroyed 16 cargo planes it purchased for almost $500,000,000,000 for the Afghan Air Force and sold the scrap metal for $32,000..

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Monday, October 20 2014