How much is pasture rent for cow calf pairs in amherst Nebraska?

Amherst is a village in Buffalo County, Nebraska which is part of the central Nebraska Agricultural Statistics District.

The recently published Nebraska Farm Real Estate Market Highlights 2013-2014 report (see table below) showed that the monthly rates for this area are as follows: Average: $59.95; High: $74.10; Low: $40.95.

The average rental rates per month for cow-calf pairs reported above are about 20 to 25 percent higher in 2014 compared to 2013. The stocker (500-600 lb.) rental rates also follow similar trends in districts across the state. A complete listing of the counties located in each Agricultural Statistics District of Nebraska can be found in the full report.

Grazing rates for cow-calf pairs fluctuate across Nebraska depending upon the district. These rates vary from a low of just over $32 per pair per month in the Northwest and South Districts to nearly $60 in the Central District. Local market forces along with inherent attributes of the ground influence the rental rates negotiated by cattle producers across Nebraska. - - Newsroom.

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Thursday, January 29 2015