How much is a bottle of rumplemintz?

Prices range from $2 to $99.

This original peppermint schnapps recipe comes from Germany, known for its long history of creating intensely flavored high proof schnapps. Rumple Minze delivers an extreme taste experience; both cooling and bracing.

Here are some good recipes with Rumple Minze:

DEAD NAZI - Chilled Rumple and Jager in a shot glass

THIRD REICH - Jager, Rumple and Goldschlager

AQUA FRESH - Aftershock, Rumple and Avalanche

FLAMING NAZI - Goldschlager, Rumple and 151 proof rum lit on fire

OIL SLICK (aka: Exxon Valdez) - Blue Curacao and Rumple, with Jager floated on top

MEXICAN MOUTHWASH - Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila and Rumple

JACK FROST - Rumple and Jack Daniels

PEPPERMINT PATTY - Rumple and dark Creme de Cacao

NAZI COLA (in c0cktail glass) - Jager, Rumple and Coca Cola to fill

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Thursday, September 08 2016

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