How much is a 2003 American Eagle Silver Dollar worth

The 2003 American Silver Eagle is very popular one-ounce bullion coins with a fineness of .999, which makes them virtually pure.

While categorically defined as bullion coins, American silver eagles actually have a large following of coin collectors, who appreciate the coin for its large size (40.6 millimeter diameter) and beautiful design, which pays homage to the Walking Liberty design by Adolph A. Weinman, which was on the half dollar from 1916 through 1947.

Prices may vary because of the condition (they may have blemishes and/or imperfections), quantity, and to where you're going to purchase the 2003 $1 Silver American Eagle. To give you a guide:

  • At JM Bullion, an uncirculated 2003 American Silver Eagle Coin at around $21.73 (Qty: 500+) - $22.73 (Qty: 1 - 19) - using Wire/Check; $22.60 (Qty: 500+) - $23.64 (Qty: 1 - 19).

  • At Littleton Coin Company, we found a 2003 $1 Silver American Eagle at a stunning uncirculated condition, value at $53.50.

  • We found a Silver American Eagle Coin Lot - 2012 S PCGS MS 69 + 2003 Silver Eagle 1oz Proof at worth $47.00.

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